The Oral Law of Sinai

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Written by historian Rabbi Berel Wein,   The Oral Law of Sinai   is an extraordinary and beautifully illustrated book that explores the Talmud—a law book that is a faithful transmission of the Oral Law of Sinai. As Rabbi Wein explains, the Talmud is two separate books comprising the Oral Law.
This work offers an explanation of the first book of the Talmud, the Mishnah.Rabbi Wein guides the reader through the mysteries of the Mishnah that detail ethical principles and moral values. It is also filled with legends and stories of psychological and historical observations. The Mishnah discusses medicine, pharmacology, dreams, botany, astronomy and mathematics, as well as human and animal biology. There is nothing about human existence, nothing about life, humans, nature, spirituality or physicality that is a taboo subject. All is Torah; all is holiness.   The Oral Law of Sinai   is replete with humor, irony, pathos, soaring optimism and cold hearted realism, its drama emerges from the give and take of intensive scholarly debate and unending questioning, problem solving, and hypotheses.

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