The Koren Yachad Siddur - Nusah Ashkenaz

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KorenISBN: 9789653019867

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The Koren Yachad Siddur invites readers of varying levels of skill to join and be included in tefilla

 Designed by Yachad, a global organization dedicated to addressing the needs of Jewish individuals with disabilities, this groundbreaking Siddur features easy-to-read conceptual English translation and commentary focused on fundamental concepts of tefilla that bring the text alive

Ease of navigation is enhanced by the prominent marking of critical sections of prayer, color coding of the commentary and responsive sections between the Leader and congregation, and insertion of icons to provide pictorial instruction of actions embedded in tefillah. A Hazarat HaShatz section is included after each amida to help readers follow the Leader’s beraḥot and reduce non-linear page-flipping

 Written and designed by Rabbi Dr. Benjy Leibowitz and Michael Adler of Yachad, and produced by Koren Publishers, the innovative Yachad Koren Siddur is designed to make tefillah a space for all readers to pray together b’yachad. The Siddur includes full tefilllot for weekdays, Shabbat, and ḥol ha’moed

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