The Family Parsha Book - Paperback

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MaggidISBN: 9781592644391

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The Family Parsha Book   is a user-friendly sourcebook and educational textbook that will help create the perfect Shabbat atmosphere for parents and children, teachers and students.
Parents and teachers will appreciate the discussion questions which encourage interaction about the parsha, and children and students will enjoy the opportunity to demonstrate what they’ve learned in the thought-provoking Parsha Puzzler section. Parsha Points highlight and review the parsha so that even those with limited background can understand the context of the Torah reading. Sections like Haftorah Highlights focus on the relationship between the weekly Torah and Haftorah portions, while Learning Lessons deals with a moral and ethical lesson one can identify with from the parsha.
An engaging and instructive parsha book for the family and the classroom,   The Family Parsha Book   will enhance the special interaction that defines the Shabbat table.

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