Studies in Halakha and Rabbinic History

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By the time of his death at age 31, Rabbi Eitam Henkin Hy”d had
authored over fifty articles and four books. The scion of an illustrious
rabbinic dynasty, he was acclaimed for both his halakhic writings and
his mastery of the byways of the rabbinic world of the 19th and 20th
centuries. Those who grasped his gifts forecast for him a future as a
rabbinic luminary. Rabbi Eitam Henkin and his wife, Naama Hy”d, were
murdered by terrorists who attacked their car on Ḥol HaMoed Sukkot
5776 (2015).
This book provides the reader with a sampling of Rabbi Eitam’s halakhic
and historical works, and reflects his range of interests within both of
these genres. Each chapter is a masterpiece in its own field.
The topics range from the kosher status of strawberries (“What You
Permitted, We Prohibited”) to electronic sensors on Shabbat, from
the Bruria episode in the Talmud to “The Haredi/National-Religious
Dichotomy in Israel: Case Studies in Historical Revisionism.” Each
subject is approached with astonishing breadth of knowledge, analytic
incisiveness, careful scholarship, and creative insight. This volume allows
us to benefit from the lasting impact of Rabbi Eitam Henkin’s legacy.

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