Key to the Locked Garden

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Key to the Locked Garden   offers the reader teachings and instructions for Shabbat observance that once were available only to an elite few. The book is based on the teachings of Rabbi Moses Luria zt”l, a Chasidic master of our times and a direct descendant of Rabbi Isaac Luria, the holy Ari z”l. Rabbi Luria’s teachings brought divine service to an experiential level, shedding light upon the complex teachings of the Ari z”l.
Simcha Benyosef, the author, was commissioned by Rabbi Moses Luria, zt”l, to further amplify these teachings to make them available, not only to Torah scholars, but also to the layperson. Rabbi Moshe Schatz, in his approbation to the book, notes, “Benyosef so brilliantly brought the Kabbalistic concepts to life, particularly for the layperson, that even a Kabbalist who is familiar with them will find much that is new to him in reading this book.”

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