Future Tense

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We are in danger, says Rabbi Sacks, of forgetting what Judaism’s place is within the global project of humankind. The Jewish people exist for a reason, and it is not for themselves alone.
They must recommit themselves to their foundational purpose: to the task of creating a just world in which the Divine Presence can dwell among us all. Without compromising one iota of Jewish faith, Rabbi Sacks declares, Jews must stand alongside their friends – Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, and secular humanist – in defense of freedom against those who desecrate life.

And they should do this not to win friends or the admiration of others but because it is what a people of God is supposed to do. Rabbi Sacks’s powerful message of tikkum olam – using Judaism as a blueprint for repairing an imperfect world – will resonate with people of all faiths.

Reprint from Hodder. For Israel only


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