A Strange Death

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TobyISBN: 9781592642809

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During World War I, the head of a British spy ring in a Jewish colony in Ottoman-ruled Palestine, the beautiful Sarah Aaronsohn, killed herself when the ring was broken by Turks, leaving behind a letter in which she asked to be avenged. Was she?   A Strange Death   is the answer to this. But it is many other things, too. A tantalizing murder mystery. A lyrical evocation of Israeli town in the 1970s and of its old farming population, the descendants of the colonists who founded it in 1882. "Hillel Halkin's   A Strange Death   is a personal adventure into the past whose skilled, gripping prose moves back and forth between the documentary and the imaginative...
An artful treatment of history worthy of the highest praise." -A.B. YEHOSHUA

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