Friends & Partners


“Together, we are making this generation a people of the book.”

– Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

For over fifty years, Koren Publishers Jerusalem has published essential texts for the Jewish people. Our values – Halakhic integrity and textual accuracy, deeply held Zionism, and elegant design to facilitate prayer or comprehension – have been evident since our founding by Eliyahu Koren in 1962, and continue to this day. We are proud to further his legacy of bringing the ancient words of our faith to modern communities, of all traditions, both in Israel and around the world.

Together with our friends and partners, we’ve been able to create excellent and paradigm-changing works including The Noé Edition of The Koren Talmud Bavli, The Lobel Edition of the Koren Siddur, The Rohr Mahzorim for Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur and other many other exceptional publications. Many of the titles in our popular Maggid Books series of Modern Jewish Thought are underwritten by donors, who appreciate the need to disseminate the dynamic scholarship of this generation.

Our list of new and unique projects is growing, with exciting works in Hebrew, English and other languages; and our needs grow commensurately. If you would like to discuss funding a project, perhaps in honor or remembrance of a loved one, we would be pleased to discuss options with you.

These books – in print and electronic formats -- are used by individuals, schools, synagogues in Jewish communities in English speaking countries throughout the world and Israel, on a daily basis; they directly affect the belief and practice of many thousands of Jews.

We work with several registered and reputable foundations in the USA, the UK and Israel who may extend grants for our work, while giving tax benefits to sponsors of selected publications.

For more information, please write to– we look forward to hearing from you.