Festivals of the Full Moon: Volume 2

MenorahISBN: 9781940516660

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Rabbi Yerachmiel Michael Tilles is the famed storyteller of Ascent of Safed where he has been captivating audiences for decades on Friday and Saturday nights with Chasidic stories spanning centuries. Since 1996, he has mailed a story a week to readers, who number in the thousands. His acclaim is now legendary.   Festivals of the Full Moon   is the second volume in a series of three books containing 120 of his best stories. This newest volume focuses on Chasidic stories revolving around Shabbat and the Jewish holidays making it the perfect holiday gift and Shabbat and holiday table companion.
“The stories of Saturday Night Full Moon are tremendously creative and engaging. Rabbi Tilles enables the reader to enter the life of the story - to experience in a very real and tangible way its feelings, beauty, life and drama. … Tilles has an amazing gift and I am very excited that with his second book, Festivals of the Full Moon, more people will have the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from his stories.” - Aaron Schmidt, Editor of Jewish Living

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