Contemporary Halakhic Problems

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Judaism is unique in that one of its greatest mizvot is the study of Torah for its own sake. The contemporary student of Halakhah enjoys the encounter not just with the practical questions of today, but with the questions that will arise tomorrow. In this latest volume of  Contemporary Halakhic Problems , Rabbi Bleich provides lucid summaries and analyses of classic halakhic questions alongside pioneering applications of Jewish law to current social, political, technological and religious issues. Covering topics such as -stem-cell burgers -entering a non-Jewish house of worship -video surveillance -medical and cosmetic tattooing -laser circumcision -posthumous paternity -vaccination among others, the essays in this book cover some of the most intriguing questions of our time. Rabbi Bleich, a distinguished scholar, bioethicist and one of today’s most respected halakhists, outlines the issues, brings the opinions of various halakhic decisors and explains the basis of disagreements between them. A must for anyone interested in Jewish law.

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