Seder Talk

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One should approach the Passover Seder with imagination as well as intellect, according to award-winning author and educator Erica Brown. The Seder’s grab-bag of esoteric rabbinic texts, prayers, symbolic foods, and strange farm-animal songs opens the door for commentary and conversation, inviting us to make the exodus story truly our own.
S eder Talk: The Conversational Haggada   features two books in one: an erudite, sensitive commentary on the Haggada text with conversation trigger points, and eight short essays for each day of the holiday. In her signature educational style, Dr. Brown includes art and poetry to engage the reader in the sensory emotions of Seder night in addition to thought-provoking questions and life-homework exercises for greater mindfulness, intention, and inner freedom.
Seder Talk   introduces ideas from the Vilna Gaon, Stephen King, Rav Kook, the Hassidic Sfat Emet, the Harvard Business Review, and more, creating a springboard for fascinating conversation for all ages. Published in cooperation with the OU Press.

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