What America Owes the Jews, What Jews Owe America

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To what extent was the American idea founded on faith and on the Hebrew Bible? Why did Abraham Lincoln feel such a close connection to the Jews? Can religious communities in America remain true to their traditions while living in a secular culture? How did the strong alliance between Americanism and Zionism develop? What are the factors that brought about a migration of Jews from urban centers to the suburbs? What makes Jewish literature “Jewish”?
What America Owes the Jews, What Jews Owe America   is a collection of essays that explore the cultural, social, economic, and linguistic factors that have shaped the Jewish-American experience. Featuring the works of seven thought-leaders and scholars, this volume comprises an essential text for lovers and observers of American and Jewish life. With essays by Jeffrey S. Gurock, Dara Horn, Norman Podhoretz, Rick Richman, Jonathan Sarna, Meir Soloveichik, and Tevi Troy.

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