The Koren Youth Siddur - Nusah Sepharadim

KorenISBN: 9789653016712

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The Koren Youth Siddur   is a beautifully-illustrated siddur designed for children in grades 3-5. Built on the foundation of the entire Koren Educational Siddur Series, the   Koren Youth Siddur   forms a bridge between the early elementary grades and middle school. The Siddur features a selection of tefillot for weekday, Shabbat and Hagim, along with vibrant, age-appropriate illustrations, stories, quotes and questions for thought and reflection. Every aspect of this new siddur is designed as the vehicle to help our children in meaning-making and emotional engagement with the tefillot and Hashem. The siddur is also accompanied by a comprehensive   Educator’s Companion,   for teachers, parents and community leaders, to maximize the educational potential of the siddur. Features: Educational illustrations emphasize and educational theme from the text. An icon navigation bar orientates the child within the structure of the tefilla service. Paraphrased conceptual translation of many parts of the tefilla text. Quotes and stories that explore a theme from the tefilla text. Questions that stimulate reflection and critical thought Icons to aid in instructing the choreography of the tefilla.

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