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The Secret of Chabad - Paperback Edition
I Believe
Maggid I Believe
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Jewish Journeys Teacher's Guide
Maggid Jewish Journeys Teacher's Guide
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My Quarrel with Hersh Rasseyner
Gila Makes Aliyah
Maggid Gila Makes Aliyah
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Shemoneh Esrei
Maggid Shemoneh Esrei
98 ₪
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Stop, Look, Listen
Maggid Stop, Look, Listen
99 ₪
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The Anatomy of Jewish Law
Nishmat Ha-Bayit
Maggid Nishmat Ha-Bayit
119 ₪
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Studies in Halakha and Rabbinic History
Bridging Traditions
Maggid Bridging Traditions
119 ₪
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Dialogues of Love and Fear
The Sabbath of the Land
The Great Partnership
Maggid Elijah
119 ₪
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The Soul of the Mishna
The Massacre That Never Was
The Prince and the Emperors
Studies in Spirituality
The Snake at the Mouth of the Cave
From This World to The next
Lamentations: Faith in a Turbulent World
What Do You Really Want?
Future Tense
Maggid Future Tense
99 ₪
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The Beast That Crouches at the Door
A Concise Guide to the Sages
A Concise Guide to Mahshava No reviews
A Concise Guide to the Torah
A Concise Guide to Halakha No reviews
Shalom Rav Vol II
Maggid Shalom Rav Vol II
119 ₪
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Maggid Layers
129 ₪
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Exodus: A Parsha Companion
Ezekiel: From Destruction to Restoration
Judaism Straight Up
Maggid Judaism Straight Up
99 ₪
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Esther in America
Maggid Esther in America
119 ₪
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Covenant & Conversation 5 Volume SetCovenant & Conversation 5 Volume Set
Judges: The Perils of Possession
Judaism's Life-Changing Ideas
Morality - Restoring the Common Good in Divided Times
Genesis: A Parsha Companion

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