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The Madwoman in the Rabbi's Attic
Questioning Belief
Maggid Questioning Belief
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Divrei Soferim: The Transmission of Torah Shebe'al Peh
Leviticus: A Parasha CompanionLeviticus: A Parasha Companion
The Brothers AshkenaziThe Brothers Ashkenazi
Tradition in an Untraditional AgeTradition in an Untraditional Age
The Family Carnovsky
Toby The Family Carnovsky
99 ₪
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Maggid Hadarav
99 ₪
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Crisis and CovenantCrisis and Covenant
Maggid Crisis and Covenant
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Letter and Spirit
Maggid Letter and Spirit
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Torah in a Connected World
Maggid Torah in a Connected World
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Joel, Obadiah, and Micah
The Holy Temple in Jerusalem
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Ethics of Our FightersEthics of Our Fighters
Maggid Ethics of Our Fighters
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The Life of Moshele Der ZingerThe Life of Moshele Der Zinger
Toby The Life of Moshele Der Zinger
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Arguments for the Sake of Heaven
Our Little HistoriesOur Little Histories
Toby Our Little Histories
89 ₪
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Hasidic RelicsHasidic Relics
Maggid Hasidic Relics
118 ₪
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Ceremony & Celebration Family EditionCeremony & Celebration Family Edition
Toby Frayed
119 ₪
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Covenant & Conversation Family Edition
Mimini Mikhael - Essays on Yom Kippur and Teshuvah
Perpetuating the MasorahPerpetuating the Masorah
The Last Words of MosesThe Last Words of Moses
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Maggid Abraham
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Maggid Ecclesiastes
119 ₪
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Kohelet: A Map to Eden
The Steinsaltz Tanya V2: Likkutei Amarim 33-53
Values in Halakha
Maggid Values in Halakha
119 ₪
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Hilkhot Nashim V. 2Hilkhot Nashim V. 2
Maggid Hilkhot Nashim V. 2
119 ₪
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Great Biblical CommentatorsGreat Biblical Commentators
Israel 2048
Toby Israel 2048
89 ₪
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State of Halakha
Maggid State of Halakha
99 ₪
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Orot - Hebrew/English Edition
The Person in the Parasha
Maggid The Person in the Parasha
119 ₪
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The Exodus You Almost Passed Over
The Steinsaltz Tanya V1: Likkutei Amarim 1-32
A Guide for the Jewish Undecided
The Sages Vol. V
Maggid The Sages Vol. V
99 ₪
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The Secret of Chabad - Paperback Edition
I Believe
Maggid I Believe
119 ₪
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Jewish Journeys Teacher's Guide
Maggid Jewish Journeys Teacher's Guide
39 ₪
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My Quarrel with Hersh Rasseyner
Gila Makes Aliyah
Maggid Gila Makes Aliyah
30.60 ₪
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Shemoneh Esrei
Maggid Shemoneh Esrei
98 ₪
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