The Laws of Cooking and Warming Food on Shabbat

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The Laws of Cooking and Warming Food on Shabbat  is a comprehensive presentation of hilkhot bishul and the reasoning behind the laws. In this wideranging volume, Rabbi Mordechai Willig presents and analyzes the opinions of the most respected voices in halakhic discourse. He traces the law from the biblical prohibition to rabbinic legislation, and from medieval authorities to decisors of our time. Exploring new issues involving present-day applications and the impact of modern technology,  The Laws of Cooking and Warming Food on Shabbat  encompasses the range of complexities and challenges of this central area of Jewish law. It is a crucial resource for laymen, students, and scholars alike.
Includes sections on: • The Definition of Cooking • The Status of Liquids • Cooking with Solar Heat • The Non-Jew in the Shabbat Kitchen • Blechs, Hot Plates and Timers • Improperly Heated Food • Leaving, Placing and Returning Food to a Fire

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