The Koren Yizkor

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The Koren Yizkor: Memory and Meaning   is a double-sided edition, entirely dedicated to commemorating the departed. The volume brings together all prayers said at the cemetery, El Maleh Raḥamim and selected psalms, and the complete Yizkor service recited at various times of the year.
In signature Koren fashion, it also features an elegant English translation and foreword by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, as well as a Prayer for Living Relatives that he composed exclusively for this volume. Opened as an English book, readers will find "Memory and Meaning," a collection of meditations written by Yeshiva University's Rabbi Norman Lamm. These written pieces shed light on what Jewish law, thought, and prayer – particularly as encapsulated in Yizkor – tell us about family relationships, memory, bereavement, and hope.
Designed in a convenient personal size, this volume also includes a pocket for family or congregational memorial lists.   The Koren Yizkor: Memory and Meaning   is published in cooperation with Yeshiva University.

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