The Koren Tanakh Graphic Novel - Esther

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Experience all the suspense, intrigue, redemption, and humor that has captivated generations of Purim holiday celebrants as the classic tale comes to life in ESTHER, the Graphic Novel.

The creative team of writer/producer Jordan B. Gorfinkel (Batman, Passover Haggadah Graphic Novel) and Israeli illustrator Yael Nathan (Star Wars) fully immerses you in the vivid world of Shushan, royal court of Ancient Persia. Witness the courage and cleverness of Esther, the piety and political acumen of Mordekhai, the megalomania and malice of Haman, the indulgence and impulsiveness of King Aĥashverosh—all in a sumptuous visual presentation worthy of a Persian feast.

ESTHER, the Graphic Novel contains the complete unabridged Hebrew text of Megillat Esther, and is suitable for use on Purim and for year-round study and enjoyment.

Recommended for adults and older youth.

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