The Koren Sacks Sukkot Mahzor

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Sukkot is referred to as "the season of rejoicing" and has many rituals and symbols.   The Koren Sacks Sukkot Mahzor   enhances the meaning of the entire festival, with translation and commentary by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, one of today's leading Jewish thinkers.
This Mazhor includes the complete prayer service and Torah readings for Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret and Simhat Torah, along with rich introduction, translation and commentary by Rabbi Sacks. Halakha guide to Sukkot and for visitors to Israel are included. Rabbi Sacks’ translation brings readers closer than ever before to the authentic meaning of the Hebrew text, while his introduction and commentary provide new ways of understanding and experiencing the Sukkot service. Printed on white Bible paper.

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