Every Picture Tells a Story Vol 3 Vayikra Coloring book

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A picture is worth a thousand words, especially when it comes to illustrate and to bring to lifethe words of the Torah. This is especially true when the picture helps young minds and heartslearn Torah.   The Every Picture Tells a Story Coloring Book Series   contains hand-illustrated portrayals ofTorah personalities and events that illuminate the weekly Torah reading, with descriptive titles written in Hebrew and English. Fun for children of all ages, each coloring book in the Series has a companion hardcover book that contains the same illustrations in vivid colors,with accompanying verses from the Torah and commentary based on Midrash and the Sages of Israel.
Either alone or as a set, each book in the   Every Picture Tells a Story Series   is an excellenteducational resource for parents and teachers alike.   Every Picture Tells a Story, Coloring Book Three: Vayikra , contains illustrations of the weekly Torahreadings of Chumash Vayikra, from the sacrificial offering to the description of the Torah’s reward and punishment. 

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