Steinsaltz Five Megillot

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The   Steinsaltz Five Megillot   is part of the long-awaited English version of Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz’s pioneering translation and commentary on the Tanakh. Like his monumental translation and commentary of the entire Talmud, the new   Steinsaltz Five Megillot   includes a treasure trove of information to make the text clear, fascinating, and relevant to users of all backgrounds.
Here, Rabbi Steinsaltz’s commentary seeks to connect the reader directly to the peshat, the plain reading of the text. He includes references to many commentaries, while he aims to remove any ‘barriers’ to the text. This brand-new volume features several innovative elements including: Hebrew verses in clear Koren font, with vowels and punctuation, accessible English translation that reflects Rabbi Steinsaltz’s understanding of the text, color photos that identify biblical objects and illustrate complicated concepts, notes and photos of modern archaeological and scientific findings, maps, illustrations, and charts to clarify locations and concepts, and supplemental background materials, cross-references to the Torah. 

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