Textual Tapestries: Explorations of the Five Megillot

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The Five Megillot – the Song of Songs, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, and Esther – are among the most familiar of biblical texts. Yet in the hands of veteran educator and Bible scholar Gabriel H. Cohn, a leading disciple of Nehama Leibowitz, the megillot reveal untold depths.
Utilizing classical commentary and modern scholarship to explore literary, philosophical, andeducational aspects of the megillot, he uncovers multiple dimensions of meaning, while always maintaining sight of the peshat, the plain sense of the text. Upon its publication in Hebrew,   Textual Tapestries   was recognized as an instant classic. Dr. Cohn now invites readers of English to participate in the continuing dialogue between the Jewish people and their sacred books, and to join him on a journey to discover these books’ religious meaning for the individual and the community.

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