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Maggid קראתיך
78 ₪
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אילת הלבנה
Maggid אילת הלבנה
98 ₪
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רות - מניכור למלוכה
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איך לבנות חיים
Maggid איך לבנות חיים
83.30 ₪ 98 ₪
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חידוש כמוני לא היה בעולם
מציאות קטן - הראי"ה קוק
הרבי שלי
Maggid הרבי שלי
84 ₪
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הממתינים לציון
פרדוקס הפוליטיקה היהודית
The Lady of Hebrew and Her Lovers of Zion
My Rebbe
Maggid My Rebbe
99 ₪
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The Soul
Maggid The Soul
63.20 ₪ 79 ₪
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In Mr. Lublin’s Store
Toby In Mr. Lublin’s Store
79.20 ₪ 99 ₪
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The Sermon & Other Stories
Menachem Begin's Zionist Legacy
The Long Night
Toby The Long Night
75 ₪
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Textual Tapestries: Explorations of the Five Megillot
Change & Renewal
Maggid Change & Renewal
129 ₪
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Palestine Posts
Sale Palestine Posts
39 ₪ 79 ₪
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Maggid Ruth
119 ₪
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Brushes with the Bible
Netivot Shalom
Maggid Netivot Shalom
89 ₪
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The Prophetic Mode in Modern Hebrew Poetry
With Liberty and Justice
Gleanings: Reflections on Ruth
The Orange Peel and Other Satires
To This Day
Toby To This Day
109 ₪
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To This Day
Toby To This Day
69 ₪
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The Bridal Canopy
Toby The Bridal Canopy
69 ₪
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The Sustaining Utterance
Maggid The Sustaining Utterance
79 ₪
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The Steinsaltz Neviim
Koren The Steinsaltz Neviim
199 ₪
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The Steinsaltz Humash
Koren The Steinsaltz Humash
199 ₪
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The Koren Pirkei פרקי אבות באנגלית
The Long Shorter Way
Maggid The Long Shorter Way
129 ₪
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The Koren Mahzor for Yom HaAtzma’ut & Yom Yerushalayim
The Israel Bible
Menorah The Israel Bible
239 ₪
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Open Up the Iron Door
Sale Open Up the Iron Door
39 ₪ 99 ₪
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Toby Shira
79 ₪
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The Tales of Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav
The Candle of God: Discourses on Hasidic Thought

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