The Complete Mesillat Yesharim by RaMHal - Fully Annotated, English

OfeqISBN: 9781881255420

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Mesillat Yesharim Dialogue Version Mesillat Yesharim Thematic Version Mesillat Yesharim, the basic ethical work, is presented here in twin versions, both written by RaMHaL. Mesillat Yesharim Dialogue Version is published for the first time from an autograph manuscript, Moscow Guenzburg 1206. Mesillat Yesharim Thematic Version is based on the first edition published in Amsterdam, 1740, during the author’s lifetime, and corrected from parallel passages in the newly found manuscript. In praise of this publication: "אופק’s Hebrew edition of the two versions of Mesillat Yesharim –the Dialogue Version based on a new manuscript discovery, andstandard version restored – has changed our appreciation of this mussar classic. Now in a bi-lingual, facing-column format, this precise, new and comprehensive English translation with lucid commentary, scholarly introduction, and the epilogued Hebrew essay,Bein ha-Mesillot, allows the brilliance of the original to shine through.

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