Elisha Davidson and the Shamir

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Elisha Davidson and the Shamir  is the third part of the Elisha Davidson Trilogy. The final ‘Nine Day’ count-down is ON and the most cataclysmic day on earth is nearly here. Elisha finally knows what he has to do. He must enter the dark time of an ancient and lost world and try to receive one of its most powerful gifts. A gift that will attract armies of light and dark forces who will be watching his every step and are determined to stop him. The greatest masterminds of his generation will be brought together, willingly and unwillingly, to join forces with Elisha in his quest, shattering their veils of secrecy and revealing that what appears to the natural eye is not always the reality. "Elisha Davidson and the Shamir is a "fantasy adventure" novel based on esoteric truth. It draws only on ancient non-fiction manuscripts, dating as far back as 5,776 years ago, and exposes the most extraordinary and cryptic teachings of the human race. What a riveting roller coaster! This last book in the trilogy really goes out with a big bang. I loved every minute reading it and recommend the entire series for all ages and backgrounds. This is a story that is so mystifying & unique, it's in a fantasy genre of its own." ~ Tamar Yonah – Israel News Talk Radio.com 

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