Elisha Davidson and the Ispaklaria

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The strangest summer of Elisha Davidson’s life turns into a reality-shattering adventure when Elisha figures out how to access an Ispaklaria’s powerful ancient secrets without ever leaving his own bedroom. Now Elisha is the only person in the world with the know-how to face the most cataclysmic day on earth and that’s only because he’s being mentored by the wisest man who ever lived. And while Elisha’s training sessions are more amazing than his wildest dreams, why has Elisha been hand-picked to ‘receive’ so many mysterious gifts of wisdom while the greatest masterminds of his generation are clueless, going insane or fighting for their lives?  Elisha Davidson and the Ispaklaria  isn’t based on fantasy. It draws only on non-fiction manuscripts, dating as far back as 5,775 years ago, and exposes the most extraordinary and cryptic teachings of the human race. 

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