Or Haganuz Volume II

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This volume includes a commentary to Tractate Kiddushin and Alfasi (Ri”f) Kiddushin, by a disciple of R. Asher b. Yehiel (ROSH), attributed to R. Abraham b. Yom Tov of Toledo. Published for the first time from JTS MS Rab. 721. A comprehensive, clear and fluent commentary, flowing with original exegeses and comments. Aside from the teachings of his mentor, the ROSH, the author’s two other sources are: R. Yehonatan Hacohen of Loneil on Alfasi Kiddushin and R. Meir Halevi Abulafia (RaMaH) on tractate Kiddushin. In this work the author preserved an important portion of RaMaH’s exegeses and rulings on tractate Kiddushin. An interpretive edition prepared by Rabbi Avraham Shoshana and Rabbi Yisroel Schneider. With a scholarly introduction analyzing the author’s method and contribution to halakhic issues, and detailed indices. The introduction clearly proves that R. Yosef Haviva, author of Nimukei Yosef, made use of this work – a testimonial to its importance among the rishonim. This volume includes two addenda and Novellae of R. Zevulun Shoshana of Marrakech on Tractate Kiddushin (excerpts).

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